I had the pleasure of attending the OEWG in Geneva in May 2016. The Open-ended Working Group of the UN General Assembly is focused on finding legal measures ‘to attain and maintain a world without nuclear weapons.’ Below are impressions and memories.


At the OEWG, support grew for negotiation of a treaty banning nuclear weapons. A significant working paper, A/AC.286/WP.36, was submitted by 126 states which had endorsed the pledge originating at the Vienna Conference on the Humanitarian Impact of Nuclear Weapons in 2014 (conference photo from nukewatch.org).


I wrote a Letter to the Editor of the NYT – entitled ‘Denuclearization Must Be Global,’ the piece was printed on the last day of the OEWG.


UNFOLD ZERO initiated a panel presentation called ‘Global support and political will.’ I gave a talk about the #LetsTalkNukes initiative which is aimed at engaging the public about nuclear disarmament.


Alyn Ware is the Global Coordinator for PNND and co-founded Abolition 2000, the Basel Peace Office and UNFOLD ZERO, among other groups. It was due to Alyn’s initiative that I attended the OEWG in May.


UNFOLD ZERO made an intervention regarding the role of nuclear weapons in security doctrines.


Peaceful art at the UN in Geneva, serving as a gentle reminder that nuclear disarmament and the sustainable development goals are in our hands.


Reaching Critical Will did a terrific job providing daily summaries and comments on the OEWG events.


In connection to the Ploughshares Fund, Michael Douglas attended the OEWG. Douglas is a UN Messenger of Peace focused on disarmament issues; from afar I was impressed with the humility and dedication of this man.

Youth Summit

From the Youth Summit in Hiroshima to the OEWG in Geneva: Lovely catching up again with Hayley Ramsay-Jones (SGI), Alexandra Arce von Herold (IPPNW, PNND) and Selma Van Oostwaard (PAX), who are part of the Amplify – Generation of Change movement.