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"If we cut the Pentagon budget 15%, $75 billion will go into a universal pre-kindergarten program so our children ages 3, 4 and 5 will have access to full-time day care and more money would go into elementary and secondary education. Our college-age students need to know that with a Kucinich administration they're guaranteed a two- or four-year college, tuition free, and it'll be paid for by the government investing in our young people. That's the kind of approach I'll take to education." - Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich (D-OH), Oct 30, 2007, Democratic debate at Drexel University

In a Gallup poll released on December 10 2007, Education scored a respectable #12 for the issues determining Americans' choice of president in 2008. Education even scored above Terrorism, Environmental Issues, Employment Issues and World Peace.

Note: Originally published: January 2, 2008


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As a Californian based transatlantically, I can tell you that the across the board, editorials in Europe are celebrating the results of the US midterm elections.

Here in Vienna, people are still irate from Bush's mid-June visit that caused an unprecedented security lockdown with huge sections of the city cordoned off so Bush didn't have to face the hordes of angry protestors. At American taxpayer expense, special limousines were flown in from the US to drive Bush and his entourage from the airport to their five-star hotel (a 30-minute ride, max), and Bush's "waste matter" was flown back to the US, just in case some evildoer wanted to chemically test it. You can imagine the subsequent jokes, with punch lines like: "too bad Bush doesn't eliminate the rest of his shit too."

Note: Originally published: November 9, 2006

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A recent Gallup poll shows that only 25% of Americans are "very confident" that the vote casting and counting in Tuesday's midterm elections will be conducted accurately. In other words, a full 3 out of 4 Americans doubt the integrity of their own electoral system.

It's no small wonder. Electronic voting machines (many owned by partisan officials) are easily hacked and partisan tricks abound. For example, letters were recently sent to thousands of Latino-Americans in California (potentially more likely to vote Democratic) warning that if "you're an immigrant, voting in a federal election is a crime that can result in incarceration."

Note: Originally published: November 5, 2006
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Presidential advisor Karl Rove has been touting his "October surprise," aimed at keeping Republicans in office. While Rove will most certainly exploit the fear factor, the question remains if we’ll let ourselves be fooled – yet again.

Note: Originally published: September 27, 2006

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What the hell are you doing Karl? GW's approval ratings have plummeted to 47% and if the Democrats actually build a coherent opposition (OK, big if ...) you could be joining millions of other Americans pounding the pavement during Bush's only term in office. Karl, get serious. Republican-owned voting machines and Bush Sr.'s handpicked Supreme Court won't be enough to bail out GW this time around. You need an action plan to guarantee November, and here it is in ten easy steps:

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Note: Originally published: Feb. 13,  2004
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It started with the November 2000 rigged US presidential election and has just degenerated from there. I've not been alone in watching with horror as our country's government flipped the bird at international treaties designed to protect human rights and the environment, favoring military build-up and big oil instead. Many of us have been outraged by the unelected ones sabotaging chances for an independent investigation into 9/11, and disgusted by their ass-covering legal gyrations to prevent inquiry into their former shady business dealings, not to mention their equally shady bedding with oil interests once having seized political power.

Note: Originally published: Nov. 8, 2002
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"Government of, by and for the people" - nice concept; does it actually exist?

What should have been the latest US presidential election resulted in a court-appointed coup instead. Even worse, the media took little interest in the unreliable voting machines, improper counting of absentee ballots, inaccurate databases, and unlawful purging of voter records which targeted African Americans and effectively swung the election. Not important enough to report on, apparently. The nation was lulled into accepting the authority of one who promises "reconciliation" and "humility" while he thumbs his nose at internationally established peace and environmental agreements, preferring to line the pockets of wealthy industrialist supporters instead.

Note: Originally published: June 17, 2001
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