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CIA's Plan to Crush Leaks Gets Leaked

Former NSA, CIA director: "The United States does conduct espionage"

Ecuador backing for Snowden spurs criticism of Correa media law

So when will Dick Cheney be charged with espionage? His crime was the same as Snowden’s

CNN exclusive: George W. Bush on AIDS, Mandela, Snowden and his legacy

Obama Has Charged More Under Espionage Act Than All Other Presidents Combined

Obama’s crackdown views leaks as aiding enemies of U.S.

Take A Break From The Snowden Drama For A Reminder Of What He's Revealed So Far

The Dangers of Surveillance

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership


Have been on a blogging and vlogging hiatus for quite a few years, mainly focusing on working and very occasionally doing TV segments with the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. But with all of this wild news lately, felt a rant (in the video above) was in order… Related URLs are given below.

Guantanamo, Drone Strikes and the Non-War Terror War: Obama Speaks

‘Island outside the law’: 11 years later, Guantanamo defies closure as hunger strikes and force-feedings multiply

Birth Defects Plague Iraq, But Cause Unknown

'Obama Must be Taken Before ICC for the War on Terror' - Noam Chomsky

Statistics on Homeless Veterans

Sanders skeptical about calls for presidential commission to investigate VA backlog

Military Vaccines

Rape in the military: exposing the shocking truth

Verizon (and Google) Helped U.S. Government to Spy on Reporters

Social Accountability International

Business Social Compliance Initiative

Sustainable Apparel Coalition

Baby girls near Fukushima disaster have 70% increased cancer risk – WHO

IAEA calls for defining "end state" of crippled Fukushima plant

All U.S. nuclear reactors are too dangerous, says former nuke-safety chief

Marchers in over 400 cities protest Monsanto

Being a Democracy Hating, Corporate Power-Defending Newspaper Owner Runs Deep in the Koch Family

Elizabeth Warren Student Loans Bill Endorsed By Several Colleges, Organizations

OECD: Inequality Rising Faster than Ever

Nearly a Quarter of People in Greece and the U.S. Can't Afford Food

Progressive Activism Is Bubbling Up Across the Country -- Here's What's Happening That the Corporate Media Can't Be Bothered to Report


The Pentagon has a disturbing pattern of withholding information on the impact of chemical/biological weapons and other toxins on US service members. As a result, veterans are often told that their debilitating symptoms are "in their head" and can go decades without receiving medical help.That's not supporting our troops.

Note: Originally published: May 28, 2007


Read full article: 'Poisoning the Troops, Again'


The US Defense Department quietly announced on Monday that mandatory anthrax vaccinations would resume for military personnel and civilians deploying to 28 countries across the globe and even for some based in the US. The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs said, "Time and again (this vaccine) has been looked at by experts, ... and each time the conclusion is the vaccine is safe and it is effective."

Note: Originally published: October 18, 2006

Listen to Podcast

Read full article: 'Poisoning US Troops: Anthrax, Lies and Vaccines'


Three years after 911, we still have no real clarity about "whodunit" let alone "whatdunit" - and if history is any indication, it could be decades before the truth is finally revealed.

But the Armageddon dreams of our nation's leaders mandate a more urgent timeframe.

Were 19 hijackers armed with box cutters really responsible for the WTC/Pentagon carnage? Seems increasingly implausible, as does the administration's claim of no prior knowledge. Remember Bush's comment about watching the first airplane hit the WTC before the second airplane even made impact? What video feed does he have anyway? The rest of us sure didn't see that live on our TVs.

Note: Originally published: Sept. 8 , 2004
Read full article: 'Infamy: Pearl Harbor, 911 and the Coming Outrage'


Canadian Prime Minister Martin is due to meet George Bush today at the "Summit of the Americas" in Mexico. While missile defense, terrorism and trade issues will no doubt top their agenda, an equally crucial matter will be hidden from the headlines: the raging Franco-US battle and its troubling implications for Canada.

Note: Originally published: Jan. 12, 2004
Read full article: 'Canada in the Crossfire'


Spare me congratulations on the Terminator's rise to govern my home state of California. This election's Hollywood circus atmosphere masks an ugly reality: American democracy is for sale, and the going price has suddenly become dangerously cheap.

Consider how the recall of California's Governor Gray Davis came about in the first place. Democratically re-elected in November 2002, Davis had been in office a mere three months before the recall effort was begun. Despite the dot-com bust, an energy shortage and a budget crunch there was no groundswell of public support to blame it all on Davis.

Note: Originally published: Oct. 17, 2003
Read full article: 'Democracy for Sale in California'


The Pentagon's online "terror" futures market may have gone down in flames, but questions surrounding 9/11 insider trading and market rigging before the Iraq invasion still linger.

In a much-aligned plan the Pentagon described as "engaging and ... profitable," anonymous traders were invited to bet on the likelihood of Middle Eastern death and destruction; public outcry forced the "Policy Analysis Market" (PAM) plan to be yanked days before its scheduled launch.

Note: Originally published: Aug. 17, 2003
Read full article: 'Trading on Terror: Linking Financial Markets and War'


In these days of doublespeak war hysteria, it seems oddly appropriate that a parallel universe has suddenly been discovered, a world of energy and annihilation hiding behind hydrogen's confrontation with its evil twin, antihydrogen...

The impending war belies a mirror world of a different sort - one of destruction and annihilation concealed behind lies and omissions masquerading as truth.

Note: Originally published: Sept. 27, 2002
Read full article: 'Toxic Jihad: Our Hidden Bombs '


While the Bush administration has promised to "leave no child behind," reality on the ground looks a little different.

The facts are staggering. Over 11 million American children live in poverty, 9.2 million have no health insurance, and 3.6 million suffer "worst-case" housing needs. While the US is the world leader in defense expenditures, it ranks only 17th in efforts to lift children out of poverty; while it is number one in health technology, it ranks 23rd in infant mortality.

Note: Originally published: June 30, 2002
Read full article: 'Leaving Our Children Behind'



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