Nuclear Age

I have been interested in nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation for many years. In that regard, I have initiated various projects.

US Television Series

Via the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, I have worked with television director Gloria Messer to create an ongoing series entitled LEAVING THE NUCLEAR AGE – each of these television segments features a 28-minute interview about nuclear-related topics.

Here are four sample segments:

Austrian Television Documentary

In autumn 2015, I initiated and produced a German-language documentary for the major Austrian broadcaster ORF: ‘Setsuko Thurlow – Ihr Kampf gegen Atomwaffen’ (‘Setsuko Thurlow- Her Fight against Nuclear Weapons’). Sabrina Peer directed the documentary; independent filmmakers Philip Aschauer and Michael Geyer did the shooting and cutting.

Japan Trip 2015

In September 2015, I was honored to attend the International Youth Summit for Nuclear Abolition held in Hiroshima – and afterwards, to do further filming in Tokyo. I’m very grateful to Soka Gakkai International for having provided funding for this film-shooting and data-gathering trip which I made with documentary director Sabrina Peer and independent filmmakers Philip Aschauer and Michael Geyer.

Here is a great micro film made by Peer, Aschauer and Geyer about the Youth Summit:


Some snapshots and memories of our wonderful trip to Japan…