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Marianne Lieberman

‘To ferret out some truths takes dedication and relentless effort. And it takes largesse not to be judgmental. Blame is too often self-serving and misguided.’

Wanda Broszkowska-Piklikiewicz

‘War destroys not only physically, not only buildings or monuments or wealth, but it also destroys humans. It changes people forever.’

Reiko Yamada

‘Never forget, especially never forget the facts of the war. Nuclear weapons are weapons of mass destruction.’

Anna Jug

‘Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my time at Ravensbrück. It is terribly important that no horror like that ever happens again.’

Madeleine Sugimoto

‘It is the cruelty and the anger that was created out of people who were once the neighbors and the friends of a community.’

Vinie Burrows

‘We were fighting two wars – we were fighting a war overseas, but we were also fighting here for dignity, for jobs, for equality.’

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