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Hazel Richardson

‘During one of the lulls in the bombing, my father called me to come up from the bomb shelter. I will never forget the sight.’

Setsuko Thurlow

‘We survivors feel very strongly, passionately, that no other human being should ever experience what we experienced in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.’

Hedy Epstein

Speaking about a defendant at the Nuremberg Trials: ”During the testimony, she was asked, ‘Why did you perform these particular experiments on these women?’ And she said, ‘Well, they were just Polish and they were going to die anyway.’ For her, because they were Polish, they were less human beings.”

Rosina Wernig

‘Trust in life and never give up.’

Aileen Yamaguchi

‘There were many ironies. We were interned in this camp yet still said the pledge of allegiance.’

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