Nuclear Age

I have been active in nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation for decades. In that regard, I am currently setting up an online platform which will:

  • provide balanced information via high-quality, factually-accurate, engaging eLearning Courses on a variety of nuclear issues with the aim of serving educational institutions and governmental bodies in addition to the general public; the goal is to demystify nuclear topics and empower people to have informed opinions
  • build global community via regularly-scheduled online interactions and collaborations on nuclear topics, such as webcasts, live reports from relevant events, and interactive online interviews with people of interest
  • promote positive change, with an emphasis on productive and respectful interchanges that lead to meaningful next steps, such as ongoing collaborations between educational institutions and measurable engagement in specific initiatives including policy impact

The project will launch in beta most likely in Q3 2018, depending on how quickly sponsorship is received for its various components. More info here as the project develops…

US Television Series

Via the Manhattan Neighborhood Network, I have worked (on a volunteer basis) with television director Gloria Messer to create an ongoing series of television segments featuring 28-minute interviews about nuclear-related topics. This series has developed into a variety of broadcast formats and has won multiple national awards.

Here are guest shots of a sample of the nuclear-oriented television segments we have created:

Austrian Television Documentary

In autumn 2015, I initiated and produced a German-language documentary for the major Austrian broadcaster ORF: ‘Setsuko Thurlow – Ihr Kampf gegen Atomwaffen’ (‘Setsuko Thurlow- Her Fight against Nuclear Weapons’). Sabrina Peer directed the documentary; independent filmmakers Philip Aschauer and Michael Geyer did the shooting and cutting.

Japan Trip 2015

In September 2015, I was honored to attend the International Youth Summit for Nuclear Abolition held in Hiroshima – and afterwards, to do further filming in Tokyo. I’m very grateful to Soka Gakkai International for having provided funding for this film-shooting and data-gathering trip which I made with documentary director Sabrina Peer and independent filmmakers Philip Aschauer and Michael Geyer.

Here is a great micro film made by Peer, Aschauer and Geyer about the Youth Summit:


Some snapshots and memories of our wonderful trip to Japan…