Rania Ali

R ania fled Syria for Europe in 2016, filming every step. Her journey was later turned into the documentary “Escape from Syria: Rania’s Odyssey” which has been viewed over 9.2 million times, shared over 93,000 times, and won numerous awards.

A journalist and human rights advocate, Rania is currently based in Austria and working on a multimedia project involving refugees. She is a fellow of the 1325 Women in Conflict project, and a leader of the Living Together initiative that gives young people a place to express their opinions on cultural diversity and inclusion. She is also an advocate for the Swiss refugee NGO Terre Des Hommes, for whom she has interviewed, produced and written reports about refugees trying to rebuild their lives in Austria, as well as the local communities dealing with integration.

Since November 2018, Rania has been working with Amnesty to highlight the plight of vulnerable women refugees on the Greek islands. She has met with politicians in numerous countries and  keynoted at major events such as TEDxParis 2017, Techfugees 2018, Solidays Festival 2018, MIPCOM 2018, and at parliamentary-oriented events in Austria, the Netherlands and France, compelling decision-makers to recognise the importance of supporting of refugees and the Syrian cause. She wrote a detailed five-part series of articles for Medium. She also is fluent in four languages.

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Living Together, cultural sharing site for youth. ‘Meet Marwa’

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Living Together, cultural sharing site for youth. ‘Meet Laura and Maighan’

Prepping for their role in the successful 2019 Vienna V-Day performance of ‘A Memory, a Monologue, a Rant, and a Prayer.’

Rania keynoting at a major tech event in Paris.

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German-language media report about our International Day of Peace event.

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Rania in London recording an Amnesty video debunking myths and misconceptions about refugees.

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Inspirational Keynote by Rania Ali at the Techfugees Summit in Paris.

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Rania’s five-part series of articles for Medium.

Celebrating International Women’s Day 2019 and discussing SDGs with Austrian Parliamentarian Dr. Alma Zadić.