Heather’s international career in organizational development, human resources, education, cross-culture, and media has spanned five continents and multiple fields. After completing an advanced degree in Clinical Psychology in her native USA, Heather carried out development work in the Philippines, then spent decades in Japan and Europe consulting academic institutions and international business groups.

A firm believer in Impact Tech and the democratization of knowledge, she is an expert in virtual learning. As founder and CEO of the company behind a popular English-skill online platform, she designs a variety of training programs for corporations, governmental institutions, and other entities.

Heather also provides consultation on topics connected to organizational development (including digital transformation, leadership development, employee engagement, change management, strategy, and globalization). Media outreach, intercultural communication, and the design of innovative learning architectures are further areas of expertise.

Moderating events is a specialty, whether for a high-level diplomatic panel on the SDGs, a technical-expert interactive workshop, or a televised broadcast with an in-person audience of 10,000 people…

Heather is the author of two books that reached Amazon’s top ten in their category, and her articles have appeared in publications ranging from Foreign Policy in Focus to Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung. Her Manhattan-based television interview series has won national awards.

Consulting the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna
At the United Nations General Assembly in 2019

Whether initiating and coordinating large events or designing innovative communication strategies, Heather has a strong background in creating social-value projects in areas including (but not limited to): female and youth empowerment, mental health, refugee and migration issues, nuclear non-proliferation, human trafficking, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

She has actively mentored youth in cooperation with various United Nations entities, the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens, the Regional Academy on the United Nations, European Forum Alpbach and many other entities.

Heather is eager to apply modern virtual learning and community-building techniques to engage the public about urgent contemporary issues. Implementing and scaling SDG 2030 and the Impact Tech mental health project MESPERO are her primary aims.

Sample SDG Project

In addition to founding SDG2030.me, Heather has initiated and implemented a variety of other activities focused on the SDGs. For example:

Achieving Gender Equality and Female Empowerment: A Collaborative Vision of SDG 5


This three-day United Nations conference in Vienna explored actions, potentials, and challenges linked to empowering women and girls (SDG 5) while promoting effective public-private and civil society partnerships. In the spirit of SDG 17, an intriguing mix of international stakeholders participated.

Best practices were shared and future collaborations formed in this multi-stakeholder forum which integrated media and the business community.

Heather led the design, organization and implementation of this event on behalf of the Academic Council on the United Nations System.

Some innovations:

– including young people in the strategic planning and as speakers/panelists
– livestreaming into academic institutions on four continents, thus enabling real-time Q&A
– partnering with a variety of media outlets for scaling
– supporting young people to get articles published for the first time
– providing opportunities for young women to network with decision-makers

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