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Heather’s international career in organizational development, instructional design, strategic human resource management, L&D, education, cross-cultural awareness, DEI, multimedia, public speaking, and advocacy has spanned five continents and multiple fields.

As Executive Director of MESPERO: Impact for Resilience, she consults corporations, governmental groups, educational institutions and other entities on digital transformation, leadership development, workforce experience, HR analytics, change management, gender mainstreaming, strategy, and globalization.

Heather specializes in promoting mental health and emotional wellbeing on organizational levels. In that regard, she consults various entities about burnout prevention and mitigation and is often asked to speak on business-related topics.

A firm believer in Impact Tech and the democratization of knowledge, Heather is an expert in eLearning. As the founder and CEO of, she creates customized digital solutions for an array of public and private entities and has developed multiple Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

For example, she supported the development of a course on empowering survivors of human trafficking and recently completed an eLearning project aimed at promoting the political participation of persons with disabilities. She also co-developed an online project to build MHPSS capacity in Yemen.

She is also developing a range of pre-built eLearning modules on workplace topics such as change management and leadership development.

As Executive Director of, Heather creates activities around the Sustainable Development Goals. Emphasis is on innovation and developing HUBs of community, action and virtual learning. A feature she designed for the SDG 5 HUB was showcased at the United Nations’ High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development.

Dedicated to climate change prevention and mitigation, the SDG 13 HUB features an Interactive Project Showcase, a digital Learning Center and a project linking climate change mitigation with human trafficking prevention. For the COP26 Climate Summit, Heather organized this side initiative in Scotland including a panel discussion that went on to be viewed millions of times in the US. In 2023, Heather launched Bridging Climate Divides for Agenda 2030 at the UN in Vienna.

She has also initiated and organized related UN conferences, such as World Youth Skills Day: Collaborations for the 2030 Agenda in July 2023, and previously, Achieving Gender Equality and Female Empowerment: A Collaborative Vision of SDG 5. She consults on capacity building for gender sensitivity in various areas of project management.

As Director of Development for the International Forum for Understanding, Heather has created and implemented a variety of activities on human trafficking awareness; samples are in the related HUB. She has also organized large-scale related activities such as Breaking Free from Human Trafficking: An Interactive Event and Exhibition (Vienna) and SDGs and Human Trafficking: Lived Experience Leads (London).

Public outreach is a specialty, whether keynoting at global events, moderating high-level diplomatic panels, guiding technical-expert interactive workshops, or moderating a televised broadcast with an in-person audience of 10,000 people. Her Manhattan-based television interview series has won national awards. Various television-segment interviews Heather hosted and produced on the topic of human trafficking (with a connection to climate change) began airing in the US in Q2 2023.